Today people can better understand themselves

Mirroor is an AI solution dedicated to analyze subjective experiences: we use vocal recordings to generate subjective and personal indexes.

What is Mirroor?

Mirroor is an app that want to help people better understand themselves.

With Mirroor you can daily detect your wellbeing state just uploading two different audio file where you explain how you feel mentally and physically. We believe in the mind-body dualism and we think that without a healthy mind, there won’t be a healthy body and vice versa.

The app analyses what makes you happy or sad in this duality, creating different indexes based on certain parameters, such as the trigger words that define your mental and physical state day by day. Then, it advises and shows you different ways to raise your mental and physical potential.

Help Us to Help You

Now we need your help! We want to collect more information to improve our model so we would love you to participate in our project!

Collaborating is very easy!
join us 😉… all you have to do is to send us two voice memos to our WhatsApp number +393311956329, explaining how you feel physically and mentally day by day.
In addition, our team will feedback you, getting an index about your data, so you will better understand your feelings and how you should menage your well-being day by day.

So in briefly

Who are we?

Binoocle is an emergent start up that applies advanced studies in Brain Sciences and Artificial Intelligence in business, natural settings and everyday life. We focus on blockchain data driven methodologies and we build machine learning models to mitigate daily problems of individuals and companies.

A new concept of work and innovation, always with our personal touch!

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About Binoocle

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